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Bees & Berries

"Bee Berry Healthy"

Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Bees & Berries is a small business that hand-crafts a healthy and natural product that boosts the body's immune system and helps fight the common cold, flu, and seasonal allergies.  We are committed to providing a quality product that contains Organic ingredients with NO preservatives and NO added sugars.

What is Bees & Berries Elderberry Syrup?

NOT a pancake syrup!

Bees & Berries's main ingredient is organic, dried black elderberries from the Sambucus Nigra plant. They are considered one of the top medicinal plants in the world used for their antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties! When combined with organic ceylon cinnamon, organic, fresh ginger, organic cloves, and local, raw, unfiltered honey, elderberry syrup has been specifically proven to boost the body's immune system and help avoid or kill the common cold and flu more quickly!  For those that suffer from seasonal allergies, and are living in South Florida, taking a daily dose before and during allergy season will reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms.

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